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Partnering with employers, educators, labour groups and government, Skills Canada Manitoba has developed successful programs and initiatives and has a demonstrated record of meeting objectives and targeted outcomes. Our significant growth over the last few years is a strong indicator that our message and programs are vital to building a solid economy.

Skills Canada Manitoba also owes a large part of its success to the passion and commitment of the hundreds and hundreds of volunteers; in-kind support from both industry and the education system. In-kind support has been the backbone of Skills Manitoba and one of the reasons we have been so successful.

The skills shortage is threatening the Canadian Economy, and it will get worse.  According to the Conference Board of Canada, we will face a shortage of more than a million skilled workers by 2020.  Many more people in the skilled trades are retiring than are entering the system.  52% of skilled trades people will retire by 2018, compared to 30% of all occupations.

Skills Canada Manitoba believes that the more partnerships we can form with educators, industry and unions the more effectively and efficiently we can get the message out to youth and their parents.  More importantly, the support of our industries and unions would strengthen the value and significance of our message.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to showcase your support of youth and skilled trades and technology training.

Contributing industry and business leaders will establish relationships with the emerging generation of a skilled workforce, receive high visibility and excellent recruitment opportunities, and help to promote and change the way skilled trades and technology are perceived by youth and society.

Please join us in supporting a bright economic future for Manitoba. For further information about how your organization may support Manitoba youth and Skills Canada Manitoba, please contact Maria Pacella at 927-0250 or


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Thank You to Our Sponsors

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